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Tunnel warmers are machines used in the packaging segment of the food and beverage process. The job of a tunnel warmer is to warm bottles and other packages that are relatively cool as compared to the ambient temperature in the bottling plant, especially if the humidity level is moderate to high. In this case, a problem can arise where condensation can accumulate on the package, bottle, etc. which causes difficulty in applying the bottle’s labels.

A tunnel warmer can warm the package or bottle to the proper temperature so that condensation will not re-form after the condensation has been removed and the label will be able to be applied without a problem.

Tunnel warmers are, as the name implies, tunnel-shaped structures. They have conveyors running through them, transporting the bottles being warmed. The bottles are subjected to a spray of warm water to raise their temperature and are then dried with a stream of air at the back end of the warmer. 

The machine should be constructed of stainless steel, with a minimum rating of 304. PRO Engineering machines are made of 304 stainless steel. This feature reduces corrosion from caustic cleaning chemicals that may be used on the bottling line.

Tunnel warmers should be located directly before the labeler in the packaging line. This placement reduces the ability of the bottles to form condensation on them a second time, after the airstream has removed the initial condensation before being labeled.

Additional features that one should look for in a tunnel warmer are:

-          Large, non-clogging nozzles.

      The nozzles that spray the bottles with warm water can clog if they are not designed correctly and this raises your maintenance costs. Speaking of nozzles, the spray pattern that they form is important too. You want a square pattern that covers the bottles with warm water. The square pattern is superior to other patterns. PRO Engineering tunnel warmers have this type of advanced nozzle.

-          Thermal Balancing

        Thermal balancing is where hot spots inside the machine are balanced against cold areas to prevent overheating inside the machine. PRO’s machines have this capability.

-          High-Efficiency Plate Heat Exchangers 

  Superior heat transfer and easy cleaning of the plates are a benefit. PRO machines give you these benefits.

-          Evaporative Cooling

            Evaporative cooling, available on your PRO warmer saves on your energy bill

If you would like to learn more about tunnel coolers and how they can solve your labeling problems, contact a company that has been helping people like you for over since 1977.

ABOUT PRO Engineering / Manufacturing Inc:
PRO Engineering and Manufacturing was established in 1977 by Ed and Dave Michalski as a steel fabrication shop. For more than 40 years, PRO Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. has been delivering solutions for beverage product shelf stability and consumption safety.


As leading innovators in post-fill pasteurization, our skilled team offers the best in high-quality pasteurization equipment including tunnel & batch pasteurizers. 

Our focus is on solving microbiological packaging needs for a wide variety of customers. Located in Milwaukee and serving the beverage industry worldwide. Contact us today for more information and options on how to grow your business.

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